TIL: What is gotmpl

Gotmpl is a command-line tool designed to simplify the management of configuration templates in Go projects. It is inspired by the popular template engine in Go’s standard library, text/template, but adds several enhancements and features tailored specifically for managing configuration files. We can use to for helm configurations Key Features of gotmpl: Templating Engine: Gotmpl…


Solving “no matches for kind PodDisruptionBudget in version “policy/v1beta1” in helm install

If you’ve encountered the error message “no matches for kind PodDisruptionBudget in version ‘policy/v1beta1′” while installing a Helm chart, don’t worry; you’re not alone. This error often occurs when trying to deploy Helm charts on Kubernetes versions 1.25 and later because these newer versions no longer support the apiVersion policy/v1beta1 for certain resources, including PodDisruptionBudget….