Solving “no matches for kind PodDisruptionBudget in version “policy/v1beta1” in helm install



If you’ve encountered the error message “no matches for kind PodDisruptionBudget in version ‘policy/v1beta1′” while installing a Helm chart, don’t worry; you’re not alone. This error often occurs when trying to deploy Helm charts on Kubernetes versions 1.25 and later because these newer versions no longer support the apiVersion policy/v1beta1 for certain resources, including PodDisruptionBudget.

In this blog, we’ll explore the issue in more detail and guide you through the process of resolving it, ensuring a smooth deployment of your Helm chart.

Understanding the Problem

Kubernetes is a rapidly evolving platform, and with each new release, certain APIs and resource versions may be deprecated or replaced. In Kubernetes versions 1.25 and beyond, the policy/v1beta1 API version for PodDisruptionBudget has been deprecated, and the recommended version to use is policy/v1.

The error message you’re seeing is Kubernetes telling you that it doesn’t recognize the PodDisruptionBudget resource with the policy/v1beta1 version because it’s no longer supported in newer Kubernetes releases.

Solving the Issue in Helm Charts

To resolve this issue and ensure your Helm chart works seamlessly across different Kubernetes versions, you can make use of conditional statements within your Helm chart’s YAML files. This way, you can specify the appropriate apiVersion based on the Kubernetes version being used.

Here’s how you can do it in your Helm chart’s YAML:

{{- if .Capabilities.APIVersions.Has "policy/v1" }}
apiVersion: policy/v1
{{- else }}
apiVersion: policy/v1beta1
{{- end }}

kind: PodDisruptionBudget

In this snippet, we use Helm’s conditional templating to check the Kubernetes have policy/v1. If it has policy/v1, we use apiVersion: policy/v1. Otherwise, we fall back to apiVersion: policy/v1beta1.

This conditional approach ensures that your Helm chart can adapt to the Kubernetes version on which it’s deployed, thereby eliminating the error and allowing you to manage PodDisruptionBudgets effectively.

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While Helm is an incredibly powerful tool for managing Kubernetes deployments, it’s important to stay aware of changes in Kubernetes itself, especially when dealing with resource versions. The error “no matches for kind PodDisruptionBudget in version ‘policy/v1beta1′” is a clear indication that you need to update your Helm chart to accommodate the evolving Kubernetes ecosystem.

By using conditional statements in your Helm chart’s YAML, you can make your chart compatible with both older and newer Kubernetes versions, ensuring a smooth deployment experience for all users. This approach not only resolves the issue at hand but also makes your Helm chart more robust and future-proof.

Happy Helm chart deploying!

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