A Budget-Friendly Pilgrimage: Trimbakeshwar from Mumbai for 1k PP


Embarking on a spiritual journey need not be a financial strain. Join us on a budget-friendly escapade to the sacred town of Trimbakeshwar from Mumbai, promising spiritual bliss without breaking the bank. Let’s dive into a detailed itinerary that ensures both frugality and an enriching experience.

My Expense, Yours will be cheaper

Train Mumbai to Nashik

Begin your journey at 6:30 am from Dadar station aboard the Vande Bharat Express (Train 22223). With a comfortable journey and food included, the cost per person is a modest ₹1000. This not only kickstarts your pilgrimage but also provides a scenic train ride to Nashik. You can save money here by opting for some other train which will save you around₹900.

Rickshaw from Station to Bike Rental

Upon reaching Nashik, take a rickshaw to the bike rental using share auto for 30 rs per person. Rent an Activa for ₹600 with a 40 km mileage, accommodating two people comfortably. Don’t forget the refundable deposit of ₹2000, making this a cost-effective and convenient mode of local transportation.


Petrol on the Way

Allocate ₹250 for petrol, ensuring a smooth and scenic ride to Trimbakeshwar on your trusty Activa. This allows you to enjoy the journey, taking in the beautiful landscapes cold climate and the anticipation of the spiritual experiences ahead.

In Trimbakeshwar

Once in Trimbakeshwar which is around 30km away from city you can reach 30 to 40 mins, I paid ₹200 for quick darshan by still spent 2 hours in line on a weekend. Bought flowers and prasad for ₹200. Immerse yourself in the divine atmosphere of Trimbakeshwar, experiencing the spiritual energy that radiates from this sacred place.

Sadhna Misal

Photo By @hogg_with_viren

After the spiritual nourishment, treat your taste buds at Sadhna Misal It was a saturday so the somewhat high, but on sundays it is more. They have parkings and it is a huge restaurant which serves only misal.

For a reasonable ₹150, relish a delicious Misal thali, accompanied by refreshing chaas, and conclude the meal on a sweet note with jalebi. This culinary stop is highly recommended for its local flavors and warmth.



The afternoon is dedicated to sightseeing, exploring local attractions such as Kala Ram, Ram Kund, Panchvati, and Sita Gufa from 3:45 pm to 5:15 pm. The best part? The cost is minimal, with the only expense being for petrol to keep your Activa on the move and they all are near by.

Train Nashik to Mumbai

Conclude your day by boarding the Tapovan Express (Train 17618) at 6 pm for a comfortable journey back home. The cost per person for this train ride is a mere ₹100, ensuring a smooth return after a day filled with spiritual encounters and budget-friendly adventures.


This budget-friendly trip to Trimbakeshwar not only proves that spiritual sojourns can be affordable but also emphasizes that richness of experience need not be sacrificed for frugality. Rejuvenate your soul, explore the divine, and make memories that not only uplift your spirit but also leave your wallet intact.

Image credits: https://www.instagram.com/hogg_with_viren/