How Recycler view works in android

I recently did a mini-project Quote app, I used listview for that. The project started consuming lots of memory and CPU whenever I scroll through the quotes. After reading few articles and watching videos. I realized there is a better way to show a list in android, which is Recycler View. In this post, we…


How to create resume as node library

So I recently saw a linkedin post where the guy created his resume using node js module. So if you wanna impress your recruiter or interviewer you can just share your npm package. This have become easy because we have a library which already provide with the template, we just have to populate the data….


How to use SSH public key authentication

One of the ways to access a remote server is using a ssh with password and another cool way is to use public-key authentication where you don’t need to type a password along with that we store necessary details in ~/.ssh/config so that with minimal keystroke we will be able to access the remote server….


Out of Boundary Paths

Problem Statement: After solving a few similar problems, I see a pattern here. Whenever you want to do an exhaustive search. First write a recursive brute force solution, which will definitely fail because of high time complexity. After that memorize the answer for a state so you don’t have to calculate a particular cell…


Pascal’s Triangle

Problem Statement The logic is in the above gif itself. We have to do the following things.1. Hardcode 1 at 0th and last position of every row.2. If we are at the ith row and jth column. We can get the value of pascal[i][j]. pascal[i][j] = pascal[i-1][j-1] + pascal[i-1][j];


Async, await, and Task in C#

Asynchronous programming is one of the powerful features in C#. It allows parallelism in programming which results in faster execution of a program. There are many languages that support asynchronous programming. Examples can be thread class in java, promises in Javascript, and GoRoutines in Go language. In C# to achieve this, we use 3 keywords…


“This” Keyword in Javascript

“This” keyword in javascript is a constant source of confusion. The value of this depends on where it is getting called. “This” is not a reference to the function nor a reference to the lexical scope. It is a binding that is done while calling the function. Here, the value of “this.a” depends on where…

Singleton vs Static

Singleton vs Static class

The difference between singleton class vs static classes is one of the standard questions which you may encounter in your interviews. . There are many articles around this topic, I found many differences between these two. So the obvious question that arose what is common between these two. The answer is, there is only one…

BFS daigram

Open the Lock

Problem Statement To be frank, as I read the problem I realized it is a BFS problem. Let’s see what was my thought, we have to count the number of steps to reach the final string, this denotes we have to traverse the intermediate nodes. We cannot directly jump to the final string and apply…


SSR, CSR, and Progressive Rendering

In this post, I will be covering different types of rendering. To understand rendering and its pros and cons. We must know when a user lands on a page. The page is visible when the HTML is rendered. The page becomes interactive when javascript execution is complete. Server-Side Rendering In Server Side Rendering, the HTML…