Association in Micronaut Data

Micronaut Data is a simple ORM provided by the micronaut team, Micronaut Data decouples the database structure from the application code, providing a more flexible and maintainable solution. It maps objects to database tables and defines relationships between the objects. The Micronaut Documentation doesn’t cover this in detail on how to actually use this feature,…


Introduction to ACID

ACID is the acronym for four relational database properties know as Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. Relational Databases provide these features and we will see why these features are needed and what they are. What is Transaction in database? The transaction is a collection of SQL statements that act as a single. Consider this transaction….


Types of Databases

Over the years, there were many competing approaches to data storage and querying. The oldest and best-known database is a relational database, where the data is organized into relations called a table. To overcome the drawbacks of Relational Database like scalability, a document model database is introduced the term NoSql got famous. The term NoSQL…


An Introduction to Database

A database is a collection of data, arranged in such a way that you can access and manage it easily. The database is vast topic concepts like index, ACID, CAP theorem, types of databases, normalization, Sharding, Consistency, MapReduce, Eventual Consistency is some of the interesting topics in this field. This blog will be a series…